About us

Between us we've played on the main stage at the Sunrise and Glastonbury Festivals and at the Big Green gathering.

We've toured France, Finland and the UK, performed at a Dancing on Ice aftershow party, written music for popular TV shows, played in successful original bands outside of The Entertainment Company, and played in the house band at the Theatre Royal in York.

As we are all good friends offstage it lends a great chemistry to our group, that translates into a fantastic live performances. Musically we gel our respective talents and provide you, a performance that’s full of energy and fully committed.

Our repertoire covers everything from Wilson Picket to The Wombats, contemporary indie hits, classic soul ballads, funk, disco through to classic soul and jazz crooning. We put our very best effort into every performance to ensure your guests are dancing all night!

Our line-up is very versatile, including both male and female lead vocals and - depending on the needs of each song - an instrumental combo of either keyboards, guitar and bass (good for soul and jazzier tunes) or 2 guitars and bass (for rock and indie tracks). You can even extend the core 5-piece line-up to add a powerful, funky horn section of trumpet, trombone and saxophone.

Photos of the group

A shot of the band A shot of the band